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Dish 500MW Solar Power Plant Video

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Apartment Complex Goes Solar Video (California)





Green Architecture and Green Building

Polymath FLW Duncan Exterior

Polymath FLW Duncan Exterior  ©2014 Robin Rogers

Polymath Park Features Usonian Homes (Pennsylvania, USA)

Polymath Park was designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice to be a small community of “Usonian” homes in Western Pennsylvania. The 125-acre (0.51 km2) property now hosts three homes, connected by unpaved roads on a mostly wooded site. Peter ...more

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ArchiPhysics Daylight Software (Free)

This program was written to show how daylight is distributed in a room. The program, so far, only calculates the sky component daylight factor for ...more

Solar Panel Shading Calculator

This tool lets you calculate the degree to which rows of flat solar collector panels (solar thermal or PV) shade each other. The development and ...more

Solar Water Heater Software

The RETScreen Software Solar Water Heating Model can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, ...more

Window Overhang Design Tool

This tool provides visual feedback about the performance of a horizontal window overhang. The development and maintenance of Overhang Design is ...more

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Polymath Park (Acme, Pennsylvania, USA)

Experience the legendary work of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the world’s most celebrated architects with an overnight stay in the ...more

Green Wizard (Fee-based)

GreenWizard, Inc. is a software provider for the design and construction community, simplifying the process of managing green and sustainable ...more

Green Spec (Fee-based)

BuildingGreen's online product guide, GreenSpec, lists more than 2,200 environmentally preferable products, with key insights on the green ...more

Architecture for Humanity

Addressing global humanitarian challenges with architectural solutions. We ensure community involvement in the design process; We advocate for ...more

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