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Green Architecture and Green Building

Poplar Forest North Side Landscape

Poplar Forest is a retreat that Thomas Jefferson designed in the early 1800s near Lynchburg, Virginia.  ©2012 Robin Rogers

Poplar Forest Used Passive Principles in 1806

Poplar Forest is a retreat that Thomas Jefferson designed for himself near present-day Lynchburg, Virginia, in the early 1800s as a get-away from his busy life at Monticello. The octagonal home features passive design with integrated landscape ...more

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Collector Efficiency Calculator

Calculator will calculate the two output values.

Efficiency -- The efficiency of the collector. That is, (Collector Heat Output / Total ...more

Building Energy Software Tools Directory

Alphabetical list of tools used for energy efficiency in buildings.


Solar Radiation Data Manual Online (USA)

The Solar Radiation Data Manual for Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors is available on the RReDC in HTML and PDF format. Individual PDF files ...more

Solar Water Heater Software

The RETScreen Software Solar Water Heating Model can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, ...more

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Hut-Topia (Book)

Hut-Topia is a place-name combining "hut" for small house and "utopi"a for ideal. You can build your own ‘Hut-Topia’ as inspired and ...more

California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (USA)

Cal-Earth, the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing solutions to the ...more

Lumberjocks Blog

A blog for people who love woodworking! You can find virtually anything made from wood on this website, along with lot sof people writing about ...more

Organic Architecture

A website collection of about 20 organic architecture projects by such greats as Bart Prince and Frank Lloyd Wright.


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